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How do Panchayat communities work?

discover, join, share, discuss, vote..

1. Join a community for any of your interests

2. Submit relevant links or your opinion in a community

3. Community votes on your submission

4. With each vote you earn karma ~ your reputation in the community

What is Panchayat?

Panchayat is a collection of community boards where members share interesting news, opinions, pictures, videos etc. related to an area of interest. The community votes on your submissions and decides the best most useful or interesting posts.

How does Panchayat work?

  • You read an article somewhere on the Internet..and you want more like-minded people to know about it or discuss it.
  • you submit it on Panchayat in the relevant community
  • ..other members see your post and they vote and/or comment on it..
  • Thats it. Our algorithms decide based on votes and comments how hot an article is and how many more people see it.
  • You are also free to submit your opinion on anything that may be interesting to a community.
  • Posting, Voting & Commentary guidelines

  • Voting is what keeps the lights on at Panchayat so please vote often but only on stuff you like.
  • Post stuff that is relevant to a community.
  • Comments should be relevant and shouldnt be thought of as nuisance by other community members.
  • One inviolable rule on Panchayat is to be nice to people even when you disagree. Being yourself in encouraged but try to keep your dark sid (we all have one) under wraps.
  • Most communities have their own more specific guidelines. Please read them before participating.

    We hope you like Panchayat. It is only getting started, if you have feedback for us please send us an email at

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